Anmol Seth Update 12 January 2017 Anmol Consultants

Happy New Year Everyone

Today Obama makes his departing speech as world tunes in

Market Sages enter a new era where they are addicted to 140 character tweet from the new president, Donald Trump.

In affairs closer to shore, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key too suddenly made a resignation and has departed from his role.

On the other hand spotted a random piece of news albeit eye catching so have a read for yourself, what long term investing can do to grow make your wealth grow with compounding returns.

Have you noticed where there is wealth/achievements, it draws a great ordeal of criticism? People pettily try to bring down the good than harness to lift themselves up.

Don't be in that crowd as they have not gained anything apart from more hurt/misery for their own selves. At the end of the day despite all your abuses, fact remain you still end up being no better off financially or otherwise. So rise above.

On that note I wish to end today's update. May this year bring all that you yearn and much more!

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