Anmol Seth Update from 9 November 2016 Anmol Consultants

Here a is rapport of things challenging our economies at this point in time

1.    Indian Govt. banned Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes from the economy in a surprise move under the regime to try stop black money including funding from this ill-gotten gains to fund terrorism in our nation.

       Although it has a flow thru effect to our day to day livelihoods & citizens.

       The twitter link explains it all succinctly in less than 140 characters:

2.   USA had their elections bringing Donald Trump into power, NZ Herald shows his Victory speech:

       My Twitter account also showed the expected impact his victory had in terms of the markets
      Otherwise here is a Reuters link which shows that the uncertainty would like result in a blood
      bath in the world markets: 

3. Anmol Consultant's team has been working hard wiht our clients to ensure they are well taken care
    off irrespective whether you are Small or a Large Business. 
    Saving a SME over $10,000 in taxes, now what would you do if you had that sort of sum to
    reinvest in your business. So be sure to check them out. 

    Ofcourse feel free to drop them a line with your query or concern and I am sure they will be
    happy to assist


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